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Liberator in the news

About Liberator

Blogs, websites, columns, op-eds and tweets of Liberator Collective members

Blogs, websites, columns and op-eds of regular contributors to Liberator

Liberal Democrat blogs and tweets

Liberal Democrats (UK)

liberal values
party websites
English regional party websites
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • East of EnglandBedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk
  • East MidlandsDerbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (excluding parts formerly in Humberside), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland
  • London
  • North EastCounty Durham and Northumberland, including all the former county of Cleveland
  • North WestCheshire, Cumbria and Lancashire
  • South CentralBerkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire
  • South EastKent, Surrey and Sussex
  • West MidlandsHerefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire
  • Western CountiesDorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire
  • Yorkshire and the Humberexcluding parts of Yorkshire formerly in Cleveland but including all the former county of Humberside
councillors and local government
associated organisations and ginger groups
liberal periodicals in the UK
  • Liberatorindependent liberal magazine (and host of this website)
  • Ad Libthe party’s official monthly magazine
  • Journal of Liberal Historyquarterly magazine of the Liberal Democrat History Group
  • The Liberalirregularly-published independent liberal magazine covering politics and the arts
other liberal parties in the UK
other liberal-related organisations in the UK

International Liberalism

Liberals in Europe
Liberals beyond Europe
UK Liberal Democrats resident abroad or active internationally

Liberal historical resources

Influential liberal texts

Liberator would like to include links to other influential texts but they are currently unavailable online. These include: ‘Britain’s Industrial Future’ [aka ‘The Yellow Book’] (Report of the Liberal Industrial Inquiry, 1928); ‘Ownership for All’ (Elliott Dodds, 1938); ‘Confessions of an Economic Heretic’ (J.A. Hobson, 1938); ‘Why I am a Liberal’ (William Beveridge, 1945); ‘The Unservile State’ (ed. George Watson, 1957); ‘The Liberal Future’ (Jo Grimond, 1959); ‘Our Aim and Purpose’ (Donald Wade, 1961); ‘The Liberal Challenge’ (Jo Grimond, 1963); and various more recent works still protected by copyright.

Interesting ideas

Think tanks (UK)

The opposition (UK)

Nationalists and other parties

Industrial and union organisations (UK)

Political profilers (work out where you stand politically)

Political portals

Political speeches and oratory

Political leaders worldwide

  • Rulerslists of heads of state and heads of government of all countries and territories, since about 1700
  • Zárate’s Political Collectionsdata on political leaders and governments since 1945

UK governments and parliaments

parliaments and assemblies

UK local government

UK government auditors

UK electoral administration and boundaries

UK ombudsmen

UK regulators

UK transparency and lobbying

European Union

EU portals
  • Europaofficial portal to EU websites
  • EurActivunofficial media portal covering EU news and the policy positions of various EU actors
EU institutions
EU legislation
EU-UK liaison
EU transparency and lobbying
EU-related advocacy campaigns
EU-related think tanks
EU-related news media
Euromyths refuted

Other pan-European bodies (non-EU)

Global intergovernmental organisations

Elections and opinion polls

elections worldwide
election results (UK)
election literature (UK)
opinion polls and political analysis
quality of democracy (UK)

Online democracy

Campaigning and the third sector

databases and portals
regulatory bodies and umbrella organisations
campaign advice


directories, portals and search engines
  • Media UKdirectory of UK media and media owners
  • BBC Radioportal to all BBC radio stations
  • BBC TVportal to all BBC TV stations
  • British Media Onlineportal to UK newspaper websites
  • British Newspapers Onlineportal to UK newspaper, magazine and trade press websites, with background information on each title
  •‘churn engine’ to detect what percentage of an article in the UK national press is cut and pasted from a given press release
  • Frequency Finderradio frequencies for the UK and Ireland
  • Journalistedsearch for journalists; and search articles published on UK national media websites by journalist, news outlet, subject or key word
  • Kidon Media Linksglobal media portal
  • Radio-Locatorglobal radio station portal
  • Google News (UK)search engine
news agencies
individual media titles (broadcast- UK)
individual media titles (broadcast – global)
individual media titles (print and online-only)
media blogs
online radio and TV
radio and TV programme listings
audience, circulation and readership figures
media archives
media regulation
media mockery


general reference
data, statistics and fact-checkers
converters (measurements, time zones and currencies)
dictionaries and translation tools
entertainment and retail
internet utilities
phone and post
weather and climate

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